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The Empress Frederick

A Memoir

James Nisbet & Co., London, 1913


Chapter 1: Childhood and girlhood

Chapter 2: Betrothal

Chapter 3: Opinion in both countries

Chapter 4: Marriage

Chapter 5: Early married life

Chapter 6: Birth of the eldest son

Chapter 7: Advice from England

Chapter 8: Death of the King of Prussia

Chapter 9: First relations with Bismarck

Chapter 10: The war of the duchies

Chapter 11: Home life and religion

Chapter 12: The Austrian war: Wark in the hospitals

Chapter 13: The Franco-German war

Chapter 14: Public and private activities

Chapter 15: The regency

Chapter 16: Silver wedding: The Crown Prince's illness

Chapter 17: The hundred days' reign

Chapter 18: Early widowhood: The fall of Bismarck

Chapter 19: The planning of Friedrichshof; Visit to Paris

Chapter 20: Life at Friedrichshof

Chapter 21: Last years

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